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Brush at Least Twice a Day

October 6, 2016

Maintaining strong, healthy teeth and a gleaming smile takes consistent daily effort. Practicing good oral hygiene habits at home combined with routine dentist visits will help prevent cavities and ward off foul breath. Keeping a clean mouth is important for oral health and overall well-being.


Many people suffer from dental anxiety or in more severe cases, dental phobia. Patients with this deep level of fear may have had a past traumatic dental experience, heard horror stories, or have a sensitive gag reflex. Regardless of the root cause, the result is the same and these individuals tend to avoid visiting a dentist at all costs. This is a big problem that can put your health at risk. Dental care is not only important for maintaining oral health, it can affect overall well-being. This is why we provide anxiolytics for our nervous patients and those with mild-to moderate anxiety issues.

An anxiolytic is a mild oral sedative used in dentistry to calm patients prior to undergoing more complicated procedures. A prescription medication is usually taken approximately an hour before the dental appointment so the patient is comfortable and at ease at the time of arrival. Throughout the procedure, the individual is awake but in a very relaxed and sleepy state. Within a few hours following the procedure the patient will be fully conscious and alert. It is normal for some patients not to remember much about their procedure.

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