5 Ways to Help Your Kid Have Healthy Teeth and Gums

Aug 01, 2020

When it comes to kids, routine dental children are often forgetful about taking care of their teeth and gums. Children usually head to bed after a quick brush, given little thought to their teeth and gums. Kids must maintain excellent oral hygiene habits to avoid problems with their overall health in later years.

Kids neglecting oral hygiene become susceptible to problems such as tooth decay, gingivitis, loose teeth, and other dental problems. Before things reach a point where the inevitable happens, a visit to the pediatric dentistry in Pearland for a consultation is suggested. Parents may have a challenging time trying to help children have healthy teeth and gums, but the Pearland dentist can offer them several tips that are helpful to achieving the most difficult challenges. Dental care for children must begin at an early age for developing the habits essential for their oral health. In this blog, we are offering five tips to ensure your child benefits the most from the tips suggested.

1. Establish A Dental Home Early

Dental home for a kid? Parents may believe taking children to their family dentist treating or other members of the household but will do well to realize kids have different needs than adults and search for a kids dentist near me the moment the first tooth of the child emerges. The Pearland dentist likes to make the first visit of the child enjoyable to make sure parents and children are both comfortable with the environment. Children must establish a good relationship with the dentist to prevent any hesitation when returning for future dental exams and cleanings. The initial meeting is lighthearted and fun, with the dental professional exchanging information about oral health conditions with the parent and preventive methods that are helpful.

2. Avoiding The Bedtime Baby Bottle Is Recommended

Allowing your child to drink from a bottle before bed can lead to tooth and gum decay. Kids find it comfortable going to bed with a baby bottle, which is a highly destructive habit because it obstructs the development of good oral health in the child. When the container is left in children’s mouths of the bacteria present will feast on the sugar in milk and multiply to erode the enamel. If your child is insisting on a baby bottle, replace the milk with water or remove the container from the bedtime routine if possible.

3. Clean the Pacifier Regularly

Kids enjoyed sucking on a pacifier. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to keep pacifiers clean and harmful bacteria can conveniently find their way into the child’s mouth. Sanitizing the pacifier by boiling it for a few minutes or by running it through the dishwasher will prove helpful. Our rinsing the pacifier with warm water for a few seconds is also beneficial. Parents must avoid using their mouths to clean pacifiers because it transfers germs and bacteria from their mouth to the child. The pacifier must not be dipped in sugar, juice, or formula as it can lead to an unhealthy buildup of sugar.

4. Brushing Gently

When the child’s teeth begin emerging, parents must start brushing their children’s teeth immediately. As children will be unable to spit out the toothpaste, parents must ensure that a pea-sized dollop of un-fluoridated toothpaste is used. The child must be taught to brush firmly and gently to remove debris between the teeth without damaging the gums.

5. Flossing Every Day

Parents must begin flossing their child’s teeth immediately after the child has more than a single tooth in a row. The goal is to get the child into the habit of flossing from early on. Flossing is particularly beneficial for the health of the gums because it removes plaque and food particles from difficult to reach areas in the gums. The pediatric dentist will demonstrate how to floss the child’s teeth and may even recommend alternatives if available for cleaning wide spaces between children’s teeth.

Believing those baby teeth will eventually fall off and therefore need no attention would be an error parent must avoid. Children benefit from receiving early care from the pediatric dentist in Pearland. Still, at the same time, parents also benefit when the child develops healthy teeth and gums and prevent them from becoming involved in invasive and expensive dental treatments.

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