Are Dark Chocolates Good For Your Teeth? | International Chocolate Day

September 1, 2022
Are Dark Chocolates Good For Your Teeth? | International Chocolate Day

Everyone loves to have dark chocolates no matter the occasion or the day. You might yearn for one on the weekend, on Valentine’s Day, or on Halloween. You might think dark chocolate helps make your day by instilling happiness in you. The taste of the delicacy can also entice you into having a little more on every occasion.


Dark chocolate containing over 300 natural chemicals is one of the most complicated foods. One of the chemicals in chocolate is phenylethylamine, helping arouse feelings that we feel when we are in love. Therefore does it mean saying you love dark chocolate indicates that you might be in love with this complicated food?


How Healthy Is Dark Chocolate?


Dark chocolate is incredibly healthy because it is an antioxidant-rich food. Besides improving your mood, dark chocolate also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and might help prevent cancer. In addition, dark chocolates also enhance your smartness.


Research reveals that your brain experiences increased blood flow when you eat dark chocolate every day. The blood flow helps with cognitive thinking as you get older. The study encourages people to eat dark chocolate in abundance. The following might surprise you, but dark chocolate also helps lose weight so long as you don’t exceed the recommended six to eight grams daily.


How Much Dark Chocolate can You Have Every Day?


Before we discuss how much dark chocolate you can have every day, we think you must initially talk it over with the dentist. Research states that you can have half an ounce of raw cocoa nibs of organic dark chocolate or half a dark chocolate candy you can find at the neighborhood gas station. However, you must ensure that you floss your teeth immediately after and rinse with mouthwash to keep your teeth free from sugars remaining trapped in them.


Which is Better, Dark Chocolate or Fluoride?


New studies indicate fighting cavities, plaque, and tooth decay is possible with dark chocolate. This superfood is an excellent source of polyphenols, natural chemicals that inhibit oral bacteria. Polyphenol can also neutralize bacteria that cause xerostomia and prevent specific bacteria from converting sugars and starches into acids which are in the forefront of playing havoc on your teeth to send you to the dentist near you, with dental infections.


The antioxidants present in dark chocolate are also capable of fighting periodontal disease, and research indicates that chocolate might be better than fluoride in battling tooth decay. A compound called CBH in dark chocolate might be used in toothpaste and mouthwash in the future.


Can You Brush Your Teeth with Dark Chocolate?


Our dentist in 77584 wouldn’t recommend the habit, especially if you are accustomed to eating milk chocolate or other artificial varieties. Instead, it would help if you insisted on dark chocolate or no chocolate. In reality, dark chocolate contains seventy percent cocoa containing many benefits.


The milk chocolate you purchase from the neighborhood grocery or the gas station contains milk and added sugar for sweetness and to lower the cost of production. Milk chocolate bars contain as little as 10 percent cocoa. Therefore you must look for authentic dark chocolate brands because you won’t have to spend a fortune searching for a chocolate bar with seventy percent cocoa. If you manage to lay your hands on your favorite dark chocolate bar, you can start enjoying your new nightly tradition by saying you love dark chocolate. Who knows, you might soon receive a few bars of dark chocolate if you publicize your story from manufacturers of dark chocolate bars.


When purchasing chocolate bars, most people do not consider the cocoa content in the bar but concentrate on the nuts and raisins included. People accustomed to having milk chocolate bars rarely inquire about dark chocolates thinking no difference exists between the two. Unfortunately, with the international chocolate day just having gone past July 7, we thought it would be an excellent idea to get you off milk chocolates in favor of dark chocolates to help you enjoy the superfood without worrying about cavities on your teeth and becoming overweight.


If you regret receiving this information too late for July 2022, you can begin preparing to keep your dental and oral health optimal by quitting the habit of having milk chocolate and inquiring about dark chocolate to overcome many problems from the benefits provided by this superfood.


Visit a Dentist Near You


Pearly Whites of Pearland don’t recommend having milk chocolates in abundance because of their harmful characteristics. However, if you want more information on the varieties of chocolate, you can have why not schedule an appointment with our dentist in Pearland, TX for a routine dental checkup and collect all the information you want from the dental professional.

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