Can Six Month Smiles Fix an Overbite?

Nov 01, 2020

For ages, traditional braces have been one of the most widely used teeth-straightening methods in orthodontic treatment. Although these dental gadgets are known to be reliable and effective, they have their downsides as well. For instance, most of the adults and teenagers who have used them reported that the metallic braces made them self-conscious on matters relating to their general appearance. Fortunately, today’s technology has helped dental experts develop other modern alternatives that provide better subtlety results at a shorter time.

An example of such treatment is the use of Six Month Smiles®. This type of braces is almost similar to the regular traditional braces only that it has been modified with some key differences to help patients straighten their teeth quickly and more discreetly. One example of its outstanding features is its ability to straighten teeth without using metallic parts. Instead, it has adopted the use of clear brackets that come with tooth-colored wires to make the treatment cosmetically pleasing for the user. Although the average treatment timeframe for most people takes six months, yours could range between four to nine months, depending on your case’s severity.

Dental Problems Addressed by Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles® is used to correct similar dental issues that are solved by full braces or other orthodontic procedures. Such oral problems include:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crossbites
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Mild rotations
  • Extensive gaps found between teeth

Generally, these devices will restore misaligned or crowded teeth. They are mostly used on teeth located at the mouth’s front, which are usually visible when one smiles. As long as your dental problem is not severe or doesn’t involve your molars, you are likely to enjoy the results of using these braces.

You can get your Six Month Smiles® braces from their providers who are closest to you. At Pearly Whites of Pearland dental clinic, evaluations are conducted to see what is the best fit for the patient’s condition. Feel free to visit our Pearland dentist for an assessment to see whether or not you are a perfect candidate.

Who Is the Perfect Candidate?

A patient may be the right candidate for this treatment if he/she has some of the qualities below:

  • Has desire for a discreet teeth-straightening treatment
  • Has mild or moderately crowded teeth
  • Needs an expedited restorative option that comes with comfort and efficacy

How Effective Are These Gadgets When It Comes to Fixing Overbites?

Overbites refer to the overlapping of a person’s upper dental with respect to their lower teeth. The defect can be inherited or can be as a result of jaw malformation due to extended use of a pacifier, thumb sucking, or bottle-feeding during childhood. Adults can also develop an overbite if they have a habit of chewing cigars, ice, or fingernails. TMJ dysfunction and teeth grinding are also some of the causes of an overbite.

When it comes to the treatment of overbites, there are several options available, although not all will have satisfying results. This is because overbites are easily treated when caught early. For instance, if a dentist discovers that a child has an overbite during a routine checkup, the situation will be quickly reversed because the kid’s jaws are not yet fully developed. The use of metal braces will correct the defect.

The fully-developed adult jaws make it extremely difficult for braces to correct overbites, and it may take between one or two years for Six Month Smiles® to correct overbites and have satisfying results.

Another factor that determines the treatment approach for overbites is the cause for the overbite. If the issue results from skeletal problems, then jaw surgery might have to be scheduled as the adult jaws are not flexible anymore. In other cases, some of the patient’s teeth have to be extracted before the braces are positioned to encourage the remaining teeth to move into their normal position.

The good news is all misalignment issues are treatable, but the treatment may not be as effective for adults as it would be for teens and children. Dental experts recommend early booking of dental checkups for children as this facilitates early detection of overbite issues hence preventing such problems when they grow.

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