Crowns vs. Veneers

Dec 04, 2016

Many dental patients wonder whether crowns or veneers are the better options when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Both treatments serve the same purpose: to restore a single tooth or multiple teeth affected by decay or any other type of damage. However, even though crown and veneer treatments have the same end result, they are actually quite different when it comes to their applications and functions.


When it comes to their actual application, crowns are different from veneers in which they serve as a “cap” on a tooth. In other words, a dental crown completely covers the entire tooth. In order to fit around your natural teeth, the tooth receiving the dental crown is usually reduced down in size to accommodate the room for the crown to fit.

Veneers are usually not used to encapsulate individual teeth. Instead, they cover the surface of the front teeth, the portion that shows when you smile. The dentist will only require removing a small layer of the outer enamel layer for the veneers to fit snugly and comfortably in place.

Appearance and Function

Both crowns and veneers are made to have the same shape and shade as your natural teeth. However, they range in function: Crowns are much stronger than veneers, primarily because they serve as a protective layer of enamel and match the strength of your natural teeth, too. In addition, crowns restore teeth in a way that restores your bite, or how you chew as well.Veneers are more on the cosmetic side and thinner because their primary role is to produce an aesthetically pleasing smile by fixing minor issues in teeth such as chips, rather than improving the overall function of teeth.

Which dental cosmetic treatment is best for you completely depends on your current dental health and what your dentist believes will better benefit your oral and overall health. Crowns are seen better to use as a form of tooth restoration because crowns are capable of restoring a decayed tooth back to the same strength and function as your natural teeth. If you’re trying to resolve a more cosmetic-like problem, like the appearance of your smile due to a chipped or misshapen tooth, then veneers may be your better option.