Dental Habits You Should Stop

Jul 12, 2017

Everyone wants to have the healthiest, brightest smile they can achieve. While routine dental care can be an effective preventative measure, certain habits may increase the likelihood you have dental issues. We’ve all heard about sugary foods, smoking, and other habits that may affect dental health, but have you heard of these dental habits you should stop today?

Biting Nails

Nail-biting is an extremely common habit among children, that also affects some adults. Many patients bite their nails out of habit, which can lead to cracks, chips, and other damage to your teeth. Patients who bite their nails often experience jaw issues due to how you must hold your jaw to bite nails.

Clenching/Grinding Teeth

Another common habit that can be a bit less easy to control is nighttime clenching and grinding of teeth. Grinding teeth can wear away enamel, chip teeth and cause serious jaw pain. We recommend a custom-fit mouthguard for patients who clench at night.

Ice Chewing

Many people think chewing on ice is a healthy alternative to snacking, and while it may be for dietary purposes, this habit is horrible for your oral health. We’ve seen patients crack teeth and lose dental work due to ice eating. An alternative to chewing ice may be sugar-free gum or quitting the habit all together.

Snacking Often

We often hear that we should brush at least TWICE a day, but what happens in your mouth between brushings? If you are a frequent snacker, you could be feeding the bacteria in your mouth constantly. Leading to overgrowth of bacteria, more plaque buildup, and even bad breath! If snacking is a must, be sure to rinse debris down with water or use a mouthwash after your snack.

If you or a loved one is guilty of these dental habits, you should seriously consider stopping. They could lead to damaged teeth, loss of dental work, and even decay! Call us or book an appointment for a consultation.