Emergency Dentistry Is Not Fearsome: Dental Emergencies Are

July 30, 2021
Emergency Dentistry Is Not Fearsome: Dental Emergencies Are

Does the thought of visiting emergency dentistry for any dental issue late in the evening or holidays scare the living daylights out of you? Of course, you are free to refrain from visiting the emergency dentist near you even when you are affected by an excruciating toothache or any other dental issue. However, how long can you continue enduring the pain merely because you think emergency dentistry is fearsome? Let us explain why you mustn’t avoid visits to an emergency dentist if you or your family member needs treatment for any dental problem when your regular dentist isn’t available.

Professionals in emergency dentistry are providing services at short notice, late evenings, and even on holidays to ensure they alleviate the pain you experience, safeguard your dental health, and prevent minor problems from aggravating into severe conditions. In reality, the dental problem affecting you is more fearsome than emergency dentistry in Pearland, TX, providing treatments for any dental issue you encounter.

You probably fear emergency dentistry thinking the professionals will charge higher prices for the services they provide. However, can you identify one service available at affordable prices when you need it on short notice? If you can’t considering emergency dentistry charges as expensive is unjustified because the dental professionals save you from the misery you are undergoing and even provides treatments if necessary when you cannot contact your regular dentist for various reasons.

What Situations Need Prompt Attention from Emergency Dentists?

Dental emergencies are confusing to make you believe you have a minor issue in your mouth. In contrast, you may have a severe situation needing prompt treatment from the emergency dentist near you. In addition, some problems require you to contact the dentist soon after the dental emergency occurs. Consider the following situations needing help from emergency dentistry without exceptions.

Severely Cracked or Broken Tooth

Severe dental decay, trauma, or biting down on complex foods can cause your teeth to crack and break. Sometimes the breaks or cracks extend to your tooth roots, causing severe pain. If you notice a severely cracked or broken tooth causing pain, you must contact the Pearland dentist responsible for preventing additional damage and find relief from the pain you experience.

Severe and Persistent Toothache

Ignoring a severe and persistent toothache is an invitation for disaster to strike in your mouth. If the persistent toothache doesn’t subside, you need treatment from the emergency dentist because the professionals identify the problem to determine whether it stems from a bacterial infection or dental abscess. If it is a bacterial infection, the dentist recommends emergency root canal treatment or tooth extraction if your tooth is beyond preserving. However, if it is a dental abscess, the dentist drains the pimple and provides antibiotics besides painkillers to help you overcome the pain and control the infection. You are recommended to get the disease eradicated from your mouth because the problem can spread to your bloodstream to cause severe health complications.

A Knocked-out Tooth

Would you consider ignoring a visit to emergency dentistry if you have a knocked-out tooth in your hand from an accident? A knocked-out tooth requires immediate treatment from emergency dentistry within 30 minutes. However, you must maintain the tooth in moist condition until you get to the dentist’s practice if you want to avoid searching for replacement solutions for it. If you are lucky, emergency dentistry can reinsert the tooth into its socket to help you prevent spending thousands of dollars on tooth replacements.

When Can You Avoid Visits to Emergency Dentistry?

Not all dental emergencies are equal, and some can wait for a couple of days until you receive urgent dental care from your regular dentist. For example, a loose filling needs attention as soon as possible but can wait until you schedule your appointment with your dentist to have it fixed. Meanwhile, you can use over-the-counter remedies to cover the affected tooth and avoid chewing with it until you have it repaired by your dentist.

Emergency dentistry is a service provided by dentists to ensure you overcome difficult situations late in the evening or at any time of the day when you cannot contact your regular dentist. The services they provide are better welcomed than feared because they help alleviate the pain you experience and help you preserve your tooth and oral health by identifying the problem in your mouth.

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