How To Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth Like Pro 

September 1, 2020
How To Take Care Of Your Child’s Teeth Like Pro 

Children require nurturing from parents, right from infancy, to teenage years. Even then you still need to be on their radar, until they are old enough to do it all by themselves. Playing this role for your child is a delight, but it can be a lot of work. This is especially the case when it comes to watching their health. You need to be on top of all aspects of their health, including dental health.

Taking care of your child’s teeth can have you feeling insecure about your methods and attempts to achieve excellence. However, there is a way to do it like a pro, closing off any risks of dental damages and infections.

Dental Health for Children

Young as they are, kids have dental needs that need attention. It is the reason children dentistry exists, to see to it that the oral needs of children are taken care of with excellence. If it is your first time thinking about dental care for your child, you may want to consult a pediatric dentist in Pearland to help you figure out the foundational elements of dental health for kids.

As children grow, they have different phases of development and growth, which also affects their dental health. Right from teething problems to dental caries and tooth loss, there is a lot to handle in the oral health of your child.

When Should You Start with Dental Health for Kids?

One of the main problems with caring for children’s teeth is knowing when to start. The needs of children are different in different stages of their life. However, you must determine to start early. Some of the aspects you should be concerned about include:

  • Strength – the strength of your child’s teeth is important throughout their childhood.
  • Infection – you must get ahead of any infections in the mouth whether or teeth or the gums.
  • Food – the foods they eat will impact the outcome of their oral health.
  • Injuries – nursing injuries may be part of your job description.
  • Preventive care – this is where you need a Pearland dentist for children.
  • Dental hygiene – if for nothing else, this is the most important element of dental health that should be your responsibility.

When to Start Brushing Teeth

At Pearly Whites of Pearland, the main concern for parents about kids is when to start brushing their teeth. The concern over oral hygiene is well merited since poor oral hygiene is the root cause of many dental issues. Some of the important tips to master in that regard include:

  • Wipe the gums and tongue – before your child starts teething, oral hygiene is still necessary. Use a damp washcloth to wipe the gums and tongue, removing any residues from breastmilk and milk formula.
  • Use an infant toothbrush – these brushes are made with children in mind. They have soft bristles and will be gentle on kids’ mouths.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste for kids – it is important for fighting dental decay and building strong teeth.
  • Use very little toothpaste – usually the size of a grain of rice.

Other Tips for Managing the Teeth of Your Child

  • Supervise their oral hygiene efforts – as your child grows up, they learn to brush their teeth without your help. However, your supervision is still necessary, to ensure they spit the paste as they should. Besides, you want to ensure they get the brushing technique properly.
  • Make oral hygiene fun – if you can do it together as a family, your child may enjoy the process of caring for his/her teeth.
  • Watch what you eat – the best way to get kids to love eating healthy is when you do it as a family. Reinforce the idea of eating healthy foods over junk foods.
  • Cut down on sugary foods – children often have a sweet tooth, making them run to pastries, sodas, and candies over fruits and vegetables. Be sure to reduce the intake of sugary foods. It helps to stock up more fruits and fewer candies in your house’s pantry, so there is nothing to snack on when they want to.
  • Keep your dentist close by – a pediatric dentist will help with most of the dental issues that trouble you. Besides, preventive care is a necessary process of excelling in dental health.

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