Losing a Tooth Doesn't Mean You Have To Lose Your Smile

February 1, 2020
Losing a Tooth Doesn’t Mean You Have To Lose Your Smile

Tooth loss has been a common problem for quite some years and will continue to remain even in the future. The problem of losing teeth hasn’t prevented many people from smiling or even exhibiting a toothless grin. The fortunate few have invested in restorations like dental implants to not only restore their smiles but also improve their quality of life. Why just a fortunate few have chosen dental implants to improve their smile?

Many reasons exist for this phenomenon ranging from the quality of jawbone available in their mouths as well as the financial resources needed for getting dental implants. Some may even have withdrawn from the procedure because the time for completing the procedure was too long. Let us look at some of the reasons why people are still preferring dental implants over other types of restorations to improve their quality of life.

Tooth Loss Is Normal — Restorations Are Not

Children lose baby teeth by the age of five or six but can manage adequately because they have permanent teeth that begin erupting. Adults can longer believe they can have any more natural teeth erupting in their mouths. They need to look for artificial replacements that will help them to keep smiling and most importantly prevent the remaining natural teeth in their mouth from shifting. Choosing to have replacements also allows adults to preserve their jawbone which would otherwise begin to deteriorate along with their facial appearance. Unfortunately, adults have to choose the artificial option attempting to appear and look better even when the reality is different.

How Dental Implants Can Help People

If people that have lost one or more teeth prefer to restore their smile they need to begin preparing for dental implants immediately after losing the teeth. Visiting the Pearland dentist for an evaluation to understand whether dental implants are suitable for them or not is the best way to begin. People do not have to wait for all and sundry to view the gaps between their teeth before they begin preparations for dental implants.

A visit to the Pearland dentist will confirm the eligibility of people to have dental implants. These restorations are unlike stock mouthguards that can be purchased from the market and placed over the teeth. Dental implants need sufficient jawbone for the placement and the dentist will examine the mouth of the patient to determine whether they can have dental implants. In cases where sufficient jawbone is unavailable, they may suggest a bone graft before the implant is inserted.

Dental implants can provide people with a natural artificial option to continue enjoying the foods they loved, smile, and speak naturally like they would have if natural teeth were present in their mouths.

What Is the Time Needed for the Procedure?

People determined as suitable for dental implants must be prepared to make a long-term commitment to complete the treatment before they begin. The time taken for the procedure to be completed from the first visit to the dentist until the final replacement teeth are placed on the implant can be as long as six months. People will have to visit their dentist frequently during the period. However, they will eventually have the natural teeth they desired without any fear of them slipping or popping out of place. Dental implants inserted into the jawbone will be holding the replacement teeth making them appear like natural teeth. People having the implants just need to ensure they take proper care of their oral hygiene to ensure the implants last in their mouths for a long time to come.

What Are the Financial Implications of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best tooth replacement options presently available and are inserted directly into the jawbone and allowed to integrate with it. They have been developed to act as permanent replacements for the lost teeth in the mouth. The surgical procedure for placing the dental implants is not lengthy or cumbersome but is a delicate procedure that needs to be managed properly. The dental implants inserted into the jawbone are made from titanium and the replacement teeth will be made from a material chosen by the patient. The numerous dental visits, cost of the inserts, and the artificial teeth can all add up to a substantial figure of up to $ 3000 per tooth or more if any additional dental treatments are provided by dental implants in Pearland. However, an estimate of the costs can best be determined by the dentists at Pearly Whites of Pearland after examining the patient’s mouth. However, the financial costs mentioned can be considered as an investment into a better smile that will last for a lifetime.

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