Need brighter smiles? Here are the whitening options

Apr 01, 2021

It is everyone’s desire and wish to have appealing white and bright teeth. Having white bright teeth not only makes the smile approachable but also creates an appearance of healthy oral condition. Stained teeth can be corrected through teeth whitening. Teeth whitening involve the bleaching of the surface of the teeth to increase the level of brightness of the teeth. You can have your teeth whitened at our dental clinic Pearly Whites of Pearland, or do it by yourself using a kit at home. Both options use peroxide based bleaching agents. However, the concentrations vary.

In office tooth whitening

This process involves the application of the bleach at the dentist’s office. The in-office procedure involves bleaching using between 15% and 43% peroxide, which is the highest concentration of the two options. The in-office whitening provides better results and is applied over a short period. You can get your teeth eight times whiter from the application of the bleach in the office at the highest levels of concentrations. Having the bleaching done at the office allows you the advantage of using implements such as heat, light, or both to seed up the process and increase the level of intensity of the whiteness. However, you will have to pay higher for the service compared to what it would have cost to buy the kit and apply it at home.

At home bleaching options

You can choose various options for this option. You can purchase a kit of tooth whitening strips and gels that you can apply directly to your teeth using a brush once or twice a day for approximately two weeks. However, the effect will last for a number of months before the effect is gradually lost. Then there is the tray based tooth-bleaching option whereby a mouth guard wit peroxide-based bleaching gel or place is applied to the teeth. The procedure should be done with the gel applied for a number of hours in a day for four weeks to realize the maximum effect. There is also the tooth whitening toothpaste that compared to the normal toothpaste is mildly abrasive. It also  contains chemicals that increase the intensity of the scrubbing and changing of the color of the teeth.

Keeping teeth white

After the teeth has been whitened, it is important to maintain the oral care that prevents the teeth from discoloring of the teeth and the stains that cause the damage. Firstly, oral hygiene should be maintained. Brush your teeth regularly as required and floss your teeth when you need to. Then there are the kind of foods that should be avoided or moderated. Black tea and coffee, wines, carbonated drinks, sports drinks, berries and colored foods , and sauces are the main culprits that cause discoloration of the teeth.

Should you talk to your dentist?

Tooth bleaching comes with a number of side effects such as increased level of sensitivity of the teeth. You may also feel uncomfortable after having your teeth bleached. In addition, the gums should be protected from the chemical effect of the applied bleaching agents. These are some of the issues that one should expect that should push you to discuss issues with a dentist. Having the counsel of a dentist is important because you get a professional perspective of the effects of the bleaching on your general dental health and any ways to ensure that other aspects of your dental health are protected.

You should also know that tooth whitening is more effective on people with yellow teeth and less effective when you have brown teeth. It is only through the counsel of the dentist that you would understand that you do not need to have additional application if you have brown teeth to realize the results that you probably desire.

It is important and necessary that you see a dentist even if you are doing the whitening from home. To reach your dentist search dentist near me on the web and with the dentist near me search you will be able to access Teeth Whitening in Pearland, TX from a teeth-bleaching dentist. You will benefit from the various advantages that come with Teeth Whitening in Pearland, TX from a teeth bleaching dentist because of the professional teeth whitening care that comes with the professional teeth whitening dentists.

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