What is Snap-on Smile: Process and Advantages

August 3, 2022
What is Snap-on Smile: Process and Advantages

Everybody desires a gorgeous smile. Although you may be dissatisfied with your smile, it may not be possible to have comprehensive procedures for a smile makeover. Fortunately, you can still disguise the appearance of your teeth by going for a Snap-On Smile® near you. Read on to learn about its benefits to your smile and appearance.

What is Snap-on Smile?

It is a custom-made dental appliance that fits over existing teeth. The removable device covers dental flaws to perfect a smile. A snap-on smile is made from hi-tech solid resin and lasts between two and five years. It snaps right over the patient’s teeth without affecting the gums or covering the palate.

A Snap-On Smile allows you to eat and drink without restrictions. Besides, it does not inhibit other functions of the teeth. It may be used on the upper jaw or lower jaw, or both jaws to enhance the teeth for dramatic results. Depending on individual factors, you may also opt for a full or partial arch.

They improve the appearance of stained, slightly crooked, missing, or gapped teeth. Patients using removable partial dentures may alternate with the Snap-On Smile devices. However, our dentist in Pearland, TX, does not recommend the appliances for everyone. They should not be used in replacement of necessary dental work.

A Snap-On Smile has a few risk factors. One factor that can negatively affect your dental health is the increased risk of plaque. Plaque may settle on the gap between the snap-on teeth and natural teeth when wearing the devices. As a result, you increase your risk of gum disease, decay, and cavities. Fortunately, good oral hygiene will help prevent plaque buildup.

Snap-On Smile is unsuitable for patients with gum disease or cavities. They should have treatment first before using the appliances. People with jaw misalignment issues and severely crooked and damaged teeth should seek other remedies.

Snap-On Smile Process

Getting a snap-on smile near you involves two visits to a dentist who provides the devices. The first visit will include checking your mouth and reviewing your health history. Then, the dentist will ensure your suitability for the devices through dental exams.

If you want the devices to cover gaps left by missing teeth, the dentist will ensure the socket is fully healed. Then, any necessary treatments will be performed before the dentist can proceed. Finally, once you are ready to move, the dentist will help you pick the style and shade of your new smile.

The next step is taking an impression of your teeth to create the appliance. The dental professional will send the images to the Snap-On Smile laboratory to produce the devices. Your new smile will be ready to wear within three weeks. The dentist will contact you for the second visit. It will involve a fitting and collection of custom-made devices.

Benefits of Snap-on Smile

Here are the main advantages of Snap-on Smile:

  1. It covers various dental flaws giving you a natural-looking smile. The resin material is customized to resemble the rest of the teeth in your mouth.
  2. The process of getting this appliance is non-invasive. The dentist will not alter the structure of the existing teeth during the procedure.
  3. Snap-On Smile provides instant results, unlike other complex cosmetic dental treatments. An example is orthodontic treatments.
  4. Your treatment can be completed in only two dental visits. The dentist will work with the team from the Snap-on Smile Company to fabricate the devices.
  5. Compared to alternative cosmetic dentistry procedures, Snap-On Smile is cost-effective. You do not have to incur high dental costs to get your perfect smile.
  6. Patients who fear drilling, incisions, or needles can get these appliances comfortably. The dentist only needs to take an impression of your teeth, an automated procedure.
  7. The devices are easy to maintain. You only need to clean them using their proprietary cleaning solution and handle them properly to avoid breakage.

Visit a Dentist Near You

Are you looking to get a snap-on smile in Pearland, TX? Schedule an appointment with us at Pearly Whites of Pearland for an evaluation to get Snap-On Smile. Our dental experts offer snap-on smiles with quality dental care at Shadow Creek Ranch, Pearland, and nearby areas.

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