Root Canal Treatment

Teeth consist of three layers, the hard, protective outer coating is the enamel, which covers the dentin. The third inside layer is the pulp. This inner chamber houses all of the tooth’s blood vessels, nerves, and other live tissues.

In situations where the pulp gets exposed and becomes contaminated, the infection can spread deep into the inner chamber. Conditions that lead to pulp exposure include a tooth fracture or a large cavity. Tooth infections often spread to the inner chamber. An untreated infection is likely to worsen and travel to the roots and even potentially enter the bloodstream. A trauma or impact to the tooth can also damage the pulp and lead to health problems.

What is a Root Canal?

The standard procedure to treat these issues is a root canal treatment in Pearland, TX. However, ‘root canal’ in not the proper term for the surgery. Technically, the root canal describes the narrow tubes that link the pulp chamber to the tip of the root. The medical term used in endodontic dentistry is a pulpectomy. This commonly performed surgery is a very effective method for curing an infected tooth. The procedure involves disinfecting and refilling the inner cavern while minimizing tooth damage and eliminating pain.

During a root canal treatment in Pearland, TX, the dentist—a root canal specialist—removes the dead, infected tissue from the pulp space. The chamber is later cleaned, disinfected and sealed with special filling materials. With today’s innovative technologies and advanced dental techniques, root canal treatments are completed much faster with significantly less discomfort. Following the procedure, our endodontist near you, will place a crown over the treated tooth for added protection.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

Early signs that your tooth may be infected include increased sensitivity to hot and cold food, pain or throbbing particularly when biting or chewing, or spontaneous throbbing or another discomfort. As a tooth infection worsens pus-filled pockets develop and an abscess will form. A traumatic dental injury or severe tooth decay can cause an abscess to develop in the bone.

Successful root canal treatments are performed every day. The dental surgery will rid you of the diseased tissue and painful symptoms, stop the infection from spreading and save your tooth. If you suspect you may need a root canal treatment in Pearland, TX, book an appointment for a consultation with our endodontist near you today.