Cosmetic dentures

Cosmetic dentures are constructed to blend in seamlessly with your existing teeth and to look as natural as possible. These prosthetics are not heat cured like standard dentures, which causes fitting problems over time. Instead, cosmetic dentures are created from a unique acrylic base which eliminates the risk of warping, shrinking and ill-fitting dentures down the road.

Also, to enhance the natural aesthetic appearance, some cosmetic dentures are used in conjunction with dental implants. The implants are surgically inserted into the bone and serve as a stable base for the dentures. This method prevents the denture from shifting making it more comfortable to wear.

Missing teeth usually bring a loss of mouth function and physical attractiveness. Don’t let costly cosmetic treatments hinder you from replacing your teeth if it doesn’t fit into your budget. Many people lead happy and healthy lives wearing removable dentures. The best treatment options vary per individual.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are suitable for replacing one or more teeth, but not an entire mouthful. This dental appliance consists of one piece that is held in place by the remaining natural teeth and gums. They are more comfortable to wear than a full set of dentures, and they are held in place more securely.

Standard full dentures

Standard full dentures are a complete set of replacement upper and lower teeth that stay in place by suction. Constructed of a pliable material, full dentures suction without effort, and are also susceptible to shrinkage. This can be problematic because the dentures can become ill-fitting, leading to jawbone atrophy.

Removable dentures

Even with all the knowledge people have access to regarding oral health and teeth care, tooth loss is still an epidemic in the U.S., 26 percent of adults from 65 to 75 no longer have their natural teeth. Fortunately, there are several solutions available for people living with tooth loss. Removable dentures are one of the most affordable ways to replace missing teeth and restore function.

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