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Dental Braces in Pearland, TX

Dental Braces come in different shapes and forms, but their primary purpose is the same: to help align and straighten teeth. This includes the correction of overcrowding teeth, as well as overbites and underbites.

Different Types of Dental Braces

There are many types of dental braces to choose from, including:

  • Metal Braces – Metal braces are the traditional metal wires and bands that are connected.
  • Ceramic Braces – Ceramic braces, or clear braces, are similar to metal braces, except for their less noticeable appearance. The brackets may be tooth-colored or clear so that they blend in.
  • Lingual Braces – Lingual braces are also similar to metal braces, only that the wires and brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth rather than the outside.
  • Invisalign Braces or AlignersInvisalign is a series of custom-made plastic aligners that look similar to a mouthguard. Unlike other traditional braces, these are removable and need to be replaced every two weeks.

The type of braces Dr. Argaez recommends will likely depend on your teeth’s needs. After a consultation, our dentist in Pearland, TX will be able to advise which is best for you.

Dental Braces Service

Getting Braces Near You

Anyone of any age can receive braces to treat any of these orthodontic problems. How long you have to wear braces depends on the extent of the orthodontic issue. The more complex the problem, the more likely you will need braces for a longer period of time. Dr. Paola A. Argaez will be able to go over a detailed treatment plan with you. Call us now to book an appointment with our dentist near you at Pearly Whites of Pearland.

Dental Braces FAQs

Dental braces help align and straighten teeth. Dental braces also help treat many orthodontic problems. Here are some frequently asked questions about dental braces:

How Much do Dental Braces Cost?

The cost of dental braces in Pearland, TX, can vary depending on factors like the types of braces and the complexity of the procedure. That said, the average cost of getting braces is between $3500 and $7500.

Are Braces Painful?

Traditional braces have metal wires and brackets that can cause discomfort and pain, especially during the initial adjustment period. Once you get adjusted, you get more comfortable with the braces.

How Long after Braces Can I Eat?

It takes about 24 hours for the adhesive used to attach braces to the surface of your teeth to dry and set fully. However, you can right away after leaving our dental office near you; be mindful not to eat anything that can harm your teeth or braces.

Do Dental Braces Change your Face?

As braces near you correct the alignment of your teeth, they can change your jawline, chin, and the shape of your mouth and lips. However, these effects are secondary to the moving of your teeth due to the pressure applied by the braces.

Do Teeth Look Bigger after Braces?

If your teeth don't have room to move sideways, they can shift upward and outward after wearing dental braces, giving them a flared appearance. However, wearing a retainer and following the instructions of our Pearland orthodontist can prevent this problem.

How Can I Brush with Braces?

Brushing your teeth with braces is crucial to prevent food particles from getting stuck and causing dental cavities. Brushing along the gum line and under the brackets and metal wires would be best to clean your teeth properly.

Can I Keep Braces on Forever?

You don't need to keep braces forever. Once you get the desired results, you should get them removed by our dentist in Pearland, TX. Keeping braces longer than recommended can encourage plaque and tartar buildup.

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